18 Mar

Turning 26 in 2 weeks! I love the anticipation and excitement around birthdays.

The midnight calls, waking up feeling special, having your Facebook wall inundated with warm birthday wishes, the boyfriend kissing you good morning, the outfit selection process, gifts aaaaaaand cake ( yes, I am shallow like that).  My besties and I have a birthday tradition – SHOPPING for the bday girl. Something I look forward to every year. To be fussed , oooohed , aaaaahed and gasped over makes me feel like a celebrity.  We try on outfit after outfit in pursuit of the perfect (read paunch hiding, instant slimming, sexy looking) birthday ensemble. This year was no different. And why should it?  You’d think I’d have grown ( and not just laterally) over the years. But no, I am still giddy like a girl in a candy store when I find the right  dress, shoes and accessories.

This year’s loot – 2 dresses and a skirt from the boy friend(make-up gift after a major show down). Now I am officially equipped to turn 26. Bring it on world!


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