Windex Wars

19 Mar

Last weekend I was in my super cleaner mode. Game on germ bitches!

My cleaning routine usually goes like this – Change into cleaning clothes (old hag, de-glam,  no bra, loose t-shirt with pinned up hair), make myself a cup of tea to charge up and wage war against dirt and then look at the clock and go- hmpf may be ill start in 10 min, plonk myself on the couch, watch say yes to the dress, check out makeup tutorial on Pintrest and use my roomie as my muse. All but soon, cleaning is forgotten.

As the roomie was out canoodling with her boy last week, so clean – I did. I scrubbed, scraped, dusted, folded, de-moulded ( ok, may be that’s a lie- but I just wanted it to rhyme) and mopped. I was exhausted and just as decided to step into the shower, I glanced at the mirror in our bathroom.  Pretty girls need shiny mirrors. So I picked up the first cleaning liquid I saw – SCRUBBING BUBBLES (google it) and wiped down the mirror and went about my business.

A little later , the boyfriend walked in. I squealed and squeaked and told him how awesome I was, and how he should be amazed at the sheer awesomeness of my existence. He walked into the bathroom and saw HUGE white streaks across a now blurry mirror. WTF!. No one tells you cant clean the mirror with scrubbing bubbles- YOU MUST USE WINDEX.  We use scrubbing bubbles to clean the bath tub. 😦

The boyfriend practices bathroom liquid segregation. Bathtub liquid and mirror cleaning liquid CANNOT be inter used – BLASPHEMY.  And just like that the “scrubbing bubble vs Windex” war broke. It involved me screaming SCRUBBING BUBBLES and the boy friend chanting WINDEX. The boyfriend wanted to undo my unholy act and started wiping down the mirror with WINDEX, and I crossed over into rage mode and started re-wiping everything with SCRUBBING BUBBLES.  Minutes later, our hands were soapy, clothes were dirty and I screamed – “You dont care about me!” with tears rolling down my cheeks while the boyfriend gave me the “WTF!! how did we get there now” look.

Of course, all was forgotten when he later got me that sequin skirt, I’d been lusting after. 🙂


One Response to “Windex Wars”

  1. swathi March 21, 2014 at 12:17 am #

    U haaav a faaaan!!! :*
    write more… 🙂

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