Indians and the invisible chastity belt.

21 Mar

Before you can frown at the title and call me a racist, let me tell you this a broad generalization. We do come from a culture that wrote the kamasutra (sex manual) and yet we shift uncomfortably at the slightest display of any physical affection – hugging, hand holding, kissing or any form of PDA in general.There was a time when kissing in films involved the actors moving very very close to each other ( noses touch, but lips still apart) and titling head and sex was depicted as crashing waves or two flowers touching each other and other random crap like that.

We are also a culture where your virginity is everybody else’s business- be it the nosy neighbor, the lewd shopkeeper, the cousin that will tell on you, the aunt who reminds your parents what a girl’s limits are or the self appointed moral police that will drag out of pubs and onto the street only because – YOU DESERVED IT and they wanted to drill some sanskar into you. Try buying a pack of condoms and depending on your gender you will encounter one of the 2 scenarios:

Boy – Wink from the male shopkeeper and some insidious questions like -” How many packets you want?” and “This size is okay?”.

Girl – “what you want madame?” (pretending not to hear you), exclaiming loudly – ” Oh cundooome? (condom), You want flavor?” or some will even go one step further and make a sanskar quick fix  – ” Why madame all this”. Then they will proceed to wrap it up in newspaper (just like they do with tampons and sanitary pads) because no self respecting sanskari lady wants to be seen with a pack of latex condoms.

Most of our  adolescent pre-marriage years involves lying,especially to your parents. Our hormones are raging, our hearts our fluttering, we are blushing, gushing, kissing, texting and sex-ting and yet we wear our poker faces and pretend to lock our virginity in a box ( the key bearer being the HUSBAND).  Approved love is pure and lust is  aptly one of the seven deadly sins.

When, oh when are we going to break free from the invisible chastity belt? When are we going to be unapologetic and unabashed about our lives?

Screw it !


2 Responses to “Indians and the invisible chastity belt.”

  1. BigSiS March 26, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    Awww…my baby sister is blogging about sex already!! How did u grow up so fast!!!

  2. crazyambivert March 29, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    LOL! Ironic, isn’t it ?

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